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Business Consulting 


Ru-Biz Business Consulting is a Strategic, Financial and Marketing agency for S&M businesses. The company advises in a number of verticals including: retail, hospitality, service providers, Import and Export, and manufacturing. Ru-Biz Business Consulting focuses on growth strategies and excellence in financial management.


Ru-Biz Business Consulting was founded in 2017 with the purpose of being the best  business consulting company for S&MB. The company believes that business owners deserve the highest degree of respect for the courage to purse their dream and the daily efforts to continue and make their dream a reality. When we work with our clients we feel that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the business manager. We are dedicated to finding the right path together with the owners and will not rest before the business is on the right track. Our advantage is in taking the vast insights we gained from our past work and applying this to your business. We enable the business to grow  past the daily routines, thinking of the strategic issues at hand and how to set a long term strategy. We have helped hundreds of business

Ru-biz Business Consulting services include:

Attaining loans - government backed , bank and, other specific dedicated funds

Business development 

Composition  of business plans for financing or Biz Dev

FP&A services for established companies

Feasibility tests for new initiatives


Ru-Biz Business Consulting will your business excel 

Ruby Waldman


Ruby Waldman has 9 years of experience as a Business consultant and a Financial Analyst. Ruby has worked with many businesses from many verticals including: retail, service providers, import export, manufacturing business and food business.

Ruby's experienced in financials, strategy and marketing.

In the past Ruby has worked for a hi-tech company as a financial analyst.  

Ruby is a certified consultant of both the Israeli Ministry of Economy and the Israeli Ministry of Absorption.


B.A. PPE Philosophy, Political science and Economics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

M.B.A. Business Administration from Tel-Aviv University

Ruby volunteered at Pa'amonim , assisting families regain control of their household financials and training them to financial   independence.


Ruby is a fluent English speaker (Aliya at the age of 5)

What I believe in

"All great businesses started their way with a brave entrepreneur who had a vision. Usual the enterprise starts out with little capital. The real fuel to success is the belief that the idea will be a great business and  perseverance. Of coarse businesses fail. But the real entrepreneurs are those who never stop trying. They get up time and again and start again. I believe that with the correct guidance, business owners fall less and have the ability to spring up faster. A good consultant shines the light exactly where the owner never thought to look. This is a multiplier of force and a boost to the ability so succeed.  

Today's environment is fast moving and dynamic. Business owners need to be able to make fast and educated dissensions. Business owners whom wish their business to grow need to analyze past performance and be constantly planing ahead. And for this reason Ru-Biz Business Consulting exists. "

I am married to Hila and have 4 children. I am an active family man and believe that a business needs to know how to serve both itself and its owner and his core values. As part of the consulting process I believe that the core values of the business owner need to be taken in to account. "

Our Services


Consult on opening a new business

Business consulting

Planing on opening a business but do not know where to start from?

Exploring your next idea? 

Let Ru-Biz Business Consulting help you. 

The first step towards opening your dream business starts here.

At Ru-Biz we believe that any dream can become a reality. We believe that with the using a  consultant during this first period of creating your business  will create a strong foundation for an enduring business.

Working together with you, we will understand the idea, preform market research, build a business module and a feasibility test. Once we decide this is a go we will build a business plan and launch the business. 

So what are you waiting for?  lets get this business off the ground!

Business Meeting

Business Plans

Business plans for development or for financing

A Business plan is first and foremost a declaration of what the business manager intends to do in the coming months and years. 

Ru-Biz Business consulting have written hundreds of business plans over the years. 

Business planes are addressed to one of the following  audiences: 

Business planes for raising capital or attaining a loan -  such plans will focus more on the expected return and financial forecast. The plan must address past performance and the securities offered.

Business plan for development of the business - Such plans are meant to be used as a tool for the business manager to guide him with actionable instructions during a period of change in the business. This type of plan is made when a business is adding a new product or service or as part of a restructuring of a business. 

Business Meeting

Strategic Consulting and Biz Development

Create a long term vision for your business and get on track for growth

With 10 years of experience, Ru-Biz will help you find the edge to boost your business forward. Seeing hundreds of businesses over the years gives us a unique venue point. We are able to find your competitive advantage and turn this in to a growth strategy.

We start out with an introductory meeting. during this meeting we map out the key issues the business is currently dealing with. We review the financials and analyze both income and expenses of the business. Next we analyze the current sales and future pipeline. Once we have an understanding of the current situation and complications we will suggest a plan to develop the business strategy. We will work on a long term plan that will be used by the business manager for the next few years. 



Get the finance you need today

Businesses need financing to grow. At Ru-Biz we will attain the financing you need. First we will analyse  the financial needs of the business. Then, once it is clear what the needs are, we will choose the best way to fund the business. Funding can come either from the bank of from a number of dedicated funds the give loans to S&M Businesses.

Business Meeting

FP&A Services for Companies

Plan and Analyze to get actionable business insights 

Budget Building

Plan and Monitor Business KPI's

Assistance in choosing  and implementing financial programs (ERP, CRM)

Financial Analysis of annual reports

Recovery plans 

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